Would you like to become a successful Freelancer

Register on one of the most popular freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or Five Squid.

Do not rush into projects wanting to earn money without necessary skills because you will ruin your reputation with poor quality before even building it. Quality is highly appreciated, make sure you have it.

Choose the category you feel best qualified for and start bidding on different projects until you get hired.

How to become a successful freelancer

Dedicate to every project completely, deliver the work within the deadline your employer requires and respect the agreements you’ve come to.

Stay consistent and work as much as you can. The more projects you complete, the more valuable you will be.

How to become a successful freelancer

Be aware of the scam. There are people out there trying to earn quickly by finding naïve Freelancers, assigning them a task, getting the work done and disappear.


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