How to make money taking photographs

Would you like to know about a business you can start if you love takeing photographs. Here is now to make money taking photographs.

You might think that taking and selling your own photos is out of your reach. After all, there are professional photographers out there – how can you possibly compete with them?

How to make money taking photographs

Easy. Thanks to the internet, you have an almost unlimited opportunity to sell your photos in a myriad of ways.

And thanks to the super easy-to-use digital camera and even smartphone cameras, you can begin taking professional looking shots with just a little bit of practice.

How much money can you earn taking photos? This will depend. Stock photos might earn you just a few pounds with each download – then again, one photo can be downloaded an infinite number of times.

If you sell physical prints, you might sell the small ones for £5 to £15 each, and the large ones for as much as £100 each.

You can even increase sales by offering finish options such as matt, gloss, canvas and aluminum, as well as unframed, matted or framed.

And thanks to online services that print on demand, you can sell your photos on merchandise as well, such as on mugs, coasters, t-shirts, calendars, jigsaw puzzles and a lot more.

Best of all, you can do all of this without stocking any inventory. When you get an order, you simply forward that order to your fulfillment house to create the item and ship it for you.

Imagine you take just one really good photo. It might be as simple as a close up of an animal at the zoo, or a sunrise on the way to work.

How to make money taking photgraphs

You offer this photo on a stock site where people pay for certain rights to publish the photo on their website or in their published work.

Next you sell your own digital downloads of the photo from your own site.

Plus, you sell physical prints from your site, too, along with framed prints and merchandise.

And perhaps you even sell resales rights to your photo.

Do you see how quickly the money can add up? And this is just one photo – you can repeat the process hundreds of times with as many photos as you want to take.

Perhaps best of all, you can have fun doing this. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can keep your eye out for photo opportunities. Your main concern isn’t even trying to be a world champion photographer like people who work at National Geographic. All you are interested in is making money from your photos, which is a whole lot easier than winning photo contests or scoring a photography job at a magazine.

Tips on Taking and Selling Your Photos

Mobile Phone or Camera?

These days the cameras in mobile phones are nothing short of amazing. You can take mid-range and long-distance photos that sell for a high price, especially if you remember to set your camera phone to the highest definition possible.

That said, if you really want to get serious about this business, you might want to take your first profits and invest in a digital camera. You will be able to sell a wider variety of photos, such as close-ups and mega zooms, and play with the colour tones, filters, shutter speed, exposure length and so forth that result in even more photo sales.

And the camera does not need to be expensive, either. There are some very affordable Nikons and Canons that will deliver outstanding photos for far less than you think.

How to make money taking photographs

But What If I Don’t Know HOW to Use a Camera?

If things like exposure length and color tones are out of your league right now, then just start with your mobile phone camera. Eventually you might take a basic online photography class or watch some YouTube videos to get up to speed on more sophisticated camera.

No worries, it is not nearly as complicated as photographers would have you think. They just make it sound difficult because they know that even rank amateurs are proper competition these days with their mobile phones.

One Little Adjustment that Doubles Sales

Okay, there’s actually SEVERAL little adjustments to photos and your photography technique that can greatly improve the quality of your photos and earn you far more sales.

But one great way and is cropping – cutting off all the bits that don’t enhance the overall photo. Just as sculptors say they chip away the bits that are not the statue they are creating, you will want to crop away the bits that distract from what’s happening in your photo. And sometimes, the more you crop, the better the photo.

Even though cropping is perhaps the simplest thing to do, it can also be the most difficult to master. Often people generally don’t crop enough, or they crop off the wrong thing.

As with anything else, time and practice will make you a pro.

Quality vs Interest?

The highest quality photo of a coffee cup (yawn) is never going to trump a mediocre quality photo of a new mum holding her baby for the first time.

How to make money taking photographs

Ideally, you want to take photos that evoke emotion, deliver a message, express strong symbolism, create atmosphere or are provocative in some way.

Who is Going to Buy My Photos?

The short answer is businesses and individuals. The long answer is – in the beginning – it will usually be businesses.

For example, and individual is usually looking for those once in a lifetime type of photos to hang on their wall. With practice you will soon be able to create these types of photos. But when you’re very first starting out, it’s much easier to sell stock photos.

Let’s say a food blogger writes a post on 20 ways to use excess grapes in the summer when grapes are popular. They’re going to want to have at least one photo of a bunch of grapes. And if you’ve already taken that photo, they just might buy it.

How do you take a photo of some grapes ? Maybe arrange them in a pile with flowers for contrast. Really, just use your imagination and you’ll come up with a dozen creative ways to photograph grapes in about five minutes.

How to make money taking photographs

You’re filling a demand – the blogger who needs images of grapes photos – and it’s as easy as pie if you happen to have a few grapes lying around in your fridge.

What Can You Photograph?

Almost anything.

Fruits, vegetables, bakery, grains, wine with cheese, etc.

Landscapes, cityscapes, trees, flowers, nature, animals, etc.

Above water, under water, while you’re flying, while you’re hiking, on break at work, when you’re at the park, when you go for a stroll…

…really, you can photograph almost anything.

The one thing you might stay away from is brand names to avoid copyright problems. For example, don’t take photos of cans of Coca-Cola – Coke has their own photographers for that and they might not appreciate their product being seen in your photos without their express permission.

Other than that, you’re free to snap away and make all the money you like.

What’s the Future of Photos?

In a word… drones. While there are photographers using drones now, the market is still so wide open it’s almost ridiculous.

The cost of drones is coming down and the ease of using them is going up.

And with a tiny bit of imagination, you can take amazing, never-before seen shots with drones that will blow people’s minds and make you sales.

Do I Need Photoshop Skills?

Many of your photos won’t need any manipulation at all.

However, there will be times that Photoshop or any photo manipulation program can be a tremendous advantage.

Fortunately, you don’t need photoshop yourself. You can hire a pro at Five Squid or Fiverr who will manipulate your photos for you for about £10 Remember, you’ll be selling your photos for a LOT more than £10, so it’s worth the investment.

How Do I Promote My Photos Online?

The very best places to promote your photos are on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr

Of course, there are techniques that get sales like clockwork, and techniques that will have the opposite effect or even get you banned.

And if you don’t like to do your own promotion, you certainly don’t need to. There are companies that will do it for you. Simply take your snaps, upload them, and let the companies do all the selling for you.

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