If you have a University or College near you and you would like to make some extra money, consider offering an essay editing service.

You will need to set up a basic website to take orders, and then post fliers around the campus promoting your service. Your ideal clients are international students from countries that speak any language but yours, but you will also get plenty of business from native speaking students as well.

Charge by the page or the word. For example, £20 for every 500 words is a very competitive price, and you may want to charge that or more. Offer discounts for repeat buyers and people who refer other customers, and charge more for express orders.

You can either do the work yourself or hire someone and split the fees 50/50. You’ll want to check for spelling, grammar, structure, syntax, flow, etc. Strive to turn your projects around in 48 hours or less, or 24 hours for rush service. Word of mouth will be your greatest marketing tool, so strive to do excellent work in a timely manner.

In our example of £20 for every 500 words, if it takes you an hour to edit 1000 words, you’re earning £40 an hour. Or if you split this with someone else who does the actual work, you’re earning half that for simply putting up fliers and taking orders.

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